Here is a free link to KARL WELLS A CHRISTMAS CAROL, the one hour film starring Karl Wells, produced by Karl Wells and Perry Cooper in cooperation with Rogerstv and Provincial Historic Sites NL. Before you watch, read some viewer reaction to this new and remarkable one-man performance and film.

“A Dickensian tour de force.”

– Ron Crocker

“Absolutely first class! So skillfully and subtly acted, so deftly photographed, so very touching!”

– James Chatto

“A masterful job! Every character was so distinct.”

– Louise Nugent

“It is BRILLANT!!!!! Loved every minute of it. Your acting prowess goes beyond. Just wonderful.”

– Tessa Crosbie

“Brilliant piece of work. Reminded me of the brilliance of John Lithgow and his performances. Bravo!”

– Harvey Swedlove

“Wonderful! Bravo! Seamless performance! Each line delivered with honest conviction!”

– Michele Stamp

 “Amazing job. I was captivated from beginning to end.”

– Jan Wicks

“Wonderful, wonderful performance … Bravo! Standing applause from us!”

– Tom Beckett 

“We were blown away by the show. It was amazing. Acting was flawless and very entertaining. It will become a part of our family tradition to watch every year!”

– Colleen Gillingham