One Chef One Critic enters 9th season on Rogers tv

One Chef One Critic with Karl Wells and Steve Watson

When my chef friend Steve Watson and I started making the TV series One Chef One Critic, neither of us thought for a second it would last this long. Nor did we dream we’d write a book called, “Cooking with One Chef One Critic”. Back in 2008 we actually made a pact that whenever the show stopped being fun to make, or simply became impractical to do, we’d call it a day. So far, that hasn’t happened and our Rogers television team hasn’t flagged either.

Wells and Watson on set

This year our kitchen and the entire series of episodes has a new look. While cupboards, countertops and backsplash have all been replaced, so have our video cameras. Now viewers can see all 14 fresh episodes in HD, or high definition; and that’s much better for viewing the culinary creations of the many guests and chefs who appear this season.

Wells and Watson with music icon Sandy Morris

People and dishes
We have a diverse line-up of interesting people and dishes on the show this fall and winter. Newfoundland music icon Sandy Morris joins us to talk about his life in music, including TV gigs with WGB and Land & Sea. Morris also tells the poignant story of how, in 1968, he acquired his 1967 Martin D18 acoustic guitar. (It’s unlikely the same arrangement could be struck today.)

With the Fortunate Ones

Andrew James O’Brien and Catherine Allan, a.k.a. The Fortunate Ones, also appear. They talk about the excitement of being an award winning duo and of evolving from separate solo acts into The Fortunate Ones. The couple helps us make poached salmon with risotto cakes.

Scallop and pork belly with harissa beet purée by Nick Jewczyk

On the same episode, chef Nick Jewczyk of the Fifth Ticket creates a dish featuring scallops and pork belly with harissa beet purée.

With Brenda O’Reilly

Another episode pairs colourful chef Brenda O’Reilly (she makes seal poutine) with the equally colourful comedian, John Sheehan.

With guest John Sheehan
With guest John Sheehan

Sheehan talks about his comedy mentors, why he’s on the road less, and he speaks quite candidly about having Attention Deficit Disorder.

Steve Bartlett
The Telegram’s Managing Editor, Steve Bartlett, tells us about the biography he co-authored with Hilda Morrow. It’s called “First in Line – The Incredible Life of Leonard Stick”.

With Steve Bartlett, Managing Editor of The Telegram

Stick was the first recruit to sign on with the newly formed Newfoundland Regiment after Britain’s declaration of war in 1914. Happily, Stick survived the Great War and, many years later, he became one of Newfoundland’s first representatives in the Government of Canada.

Mussels Rockefeller
Mussels Rockefeller

After Bartlett helps us prepare a beef tenderloin pasta bake we welcome chef Darryl Haynes of the Marine Institute. He demonstrates how to prepare an impressive platter of baked mussels. Actually, it’s a twist on the classic Oysters Rockefeller, using mussels instead of oysters.

With Bonnie Edgecombe of Abbyshot

Bonnie Edgecombe is the founder of Abbyshot, a unique Newfoundland company that has acquired the rights (from many Hollywood and European production companies) to make and sell replica costumes and accessories from a variety of movies and TV shows – movies like The Matrix and TV shows like Outlander and Dr. Who. Edgecombe tells us how she took her company from a home business with a single sewing machine to mass production and international sales.


With theatre director, Jacinta Mackey-Graham
With theatre director, Jacinta Mackey-Graham

Lobster risotto
As a co-director of Atlantic Light Theatre Jacinta Mackey-Graham has helped produce Sister Act, Monty Python’s Spamalot and Les Miserables.

Lobster risotto

While cooking lobster risotto with artichoke hearts she talks about Atlantic Light Theatre, her 31-year teaching career and her first singing and choir work, aged 10, at St. Patrick’s Girls School.

Liquid chef, Sheldon O'Neill
Liquid chef, Sheldon O’Neill

Later, in the same episode, we feature our first ever mixology segment. Sheldon O’Neill, local liquid chef, takes us step-by-step through the process of making his cocktail called Sailor’s Thyme: a tangy, blend of citrus, thyme, egg white, ice and white rum. (The rum is optional, of course.)

With historian, John Fitzgerald

Philosopher George Santayana’s famous aphorism, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” is often ignored and too often, sadly, by those in positions of power and leadership. Newfoundland historian John Fitzgerald appreciates the significance of Santayana’s warning. He takes a look back at some significant periods in Newfoundland history and names his choice as Newfoundland’s all time best first minister.

With Jennifer Murray of P&S Fine Wines
With Jennifer Murray of P&S Fine Wines

In addition to regulars like Jennifer Murray and Martin Verhoeks of P & S Fine Wines (Art of Wine), we have a couple of returning wine consultants. Greg Winter of Dialog Wines and Tracey Rowe of Beverage Baron will be helping us out with selections in the wine cellar.

Local community television programs like One Chef One Critic would not be possible without the support of community minded sponsors. We’d like to thank Yellow Belly Brewery and Marie’s Mini Mart for their community spirit and steadfast commitment to homegrown TV and One Chef One Critic.

Rogers TV’s One Chef One Critic also airs on Eastlink TV throughout Newfoundland and episodes can be seen on You Tube’s Rogers TV Channel.