New Marconi’s Café on Signal Hill

Geo Centre

Marconi’s is the latest café to open in St. John’s and is located in the bright lobby area of the Johnson Geo Centre on Signal Hill. It’s the product of Spirit of NL, which also happens to be the Geo Centre catering provider.
MarconiSpirit’s talented creative team (including Marconi’s chef, Josh Kane) has designed a food and beverage service for the Geo Centre and Signal Hill visitors that is unlike anything previously available on Signal Hill.

Group enjoys snack break at Marconi’s Cafe

Think Italian. Named after the famous Italian communications pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, who received the first transatlantic wireless signal yards from Cabot Tower, Marconi’s Café offers things like pizza, Italian inspired sandwiches and Italian style coffee beverages. Marconi’s is supported by Spirit’s very popular food truck, known previously by many as the Happy Camper, which will be parked just beside the centre. And yes, they have fries.

Guglielmo Marconi