Book: Cooking with One Chef One Critic

Cooking with One Chef One Critic comes from the hosts of the hit television series One Chef One Critic. This cookbook features 120 mouth-watering recipes and dozens of photographs from the popular television show. Many recipes are from One Chef One Critic, while others are personal favourites from guests and friends. The extensive variety of dishes in this book will impress anyone with a passion for food and cooking.

Several delectable choices feature Newfoundland and Labrador game and berries, such as Moose Stew in Partridgeberry Wine, Most Excellent Rabbit Pie, Sheilagh’s Caribou Roast with Madeira Sauce, Baked Brie with Wild Berries and Pat’s Mount Pearl Blueberry Crisp.

From soups, salads and snacks to mains and desserts Cooking with One Chef One Critic contains something for every palate, including many fish and shellfish recipes: Chef Jeremy Charles’s Cod with Sherry Lentils, Nan’s Salt Cod Cakes with Tartar Sauce, Chef Steve Watson’s Pan-Seared Salmon with Sun-Dried Tomato and Oregano Dressing and Karl’s Seafood Ragout.

Comfort foods such as Newfoundland Savoury Crown Roast of Pork, Newfoundland Cassoulet, Beef in Guinness, Jane Crosbie’s Steamed Chocolate Pudding with Sunshine Sauce, Easy Chocolate Orange Cheesecake and Cream Puffs will find favour at any kitchen table.

Cooking with One Chef One Critic also includes recipes for dinner party entertaining. There are appetizers like Escargots in Phyllo, and Thai Shrimp with Sesame Seed Garnish, mains like Lobster Thermidor, Salmon Coulibiac with Mushroom-Savoury Egg Sauce, Hawaiian Roast of Pork with Asian Slaw and Bob’s Beef Wellington.

Fans will be delighted with the behind-the-scenes photos from One Chef One Critic and the entertaining introductions to each recipe. Find out what Karl Wells really thinks about Mark Critch or why Hungarian Goulash is a sour topic for Chef Steve Watson.

Cooking with One Chef One Critic will, without a doubt, make a thoroughly delicious addition to any home where easy-to-prepare food is desired.

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Audio CD: A Christmas Carol

You’ll have found a new Christmas tradition with this audio recording. Once you’ve sat back to listen to Karl Wells perform Dickens’ timeless classic, A Christmas Carol, you won’t be able to imagine celebrating another Christmas without giving it a listen.

A Christmas Carol
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Ebenezer Scrooge
Karl Wells performs Charles Dickens’
A Christmas Carol
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